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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If the aim is to be more twisted I think I'm making progress.
This will be the cover to Oyy! you twat comics no2, which by organic accident rather than design is turning into a feminist issue. This is because it has occurred to me that while half the worlds population is oppressed there is little hope for change in this world and unless we all want to drown in a pool of our own piss and shit then change is definitely a necessary thing.
Another theme in this issue is that of overpopulation and the fact, that this is probably the single biggest factor contributing to the down fall of the human race and degradation of the planet. No matter how much you recycle how much you try to live a sustainable life having one more child will undo all of that. Not that we should or could all stop the natural urge to procreate but we should think about it a little more and be aware of the problems of over population.

Yawn yawn yawn .

But hang on think about this this is,
The human race, everything we know and care about.

OK I'm ranting a bit, I should shut up now because to much ranting can grate on the ears and mind. This in essence is why I'm trying to put my thoughts down in comic form. A format I hope will be enlightening and informative without being preachy, so that just maybe entertainment, humour and enlightened ranting can exist in one place, we shall see...

Incidentally it has been shown that one of the most effective ways of reducing population growth is through the education and emancipation of women. In places where women have access to education and are able to live more self determined lives it is shown that they are more likely to have less children and in pursuing careers and education are likely to have children later in life.

Here are a couple of previews of some new stories to be found in the upcoming episode of OY!!! YOU TWAT COMICS NO2.

The Man Who Came From Far Away And Was Mildly Irritating!: A heart wrenching tale of crudely drawn stick men on an inane and purposeless mission to nowhere set to a backdrop of oppression and subjugation of the worlds women. Fun for all the family!

The Orgasm Catcher: The story of one woman’s struggle to achieve an orgasm with the help of a special delivery and the services of Doctor Umnga Bumnga. Poignant and thought provoking.