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I am a multi disciplined artist working primarily in a 2d visual format. Here are some things I've done; a little peek at the swirling, ceaseless, ideas maelstrom. If you will.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

What once was an idea, became something real

Setting up meetings and getting everyone focused and excited was the first step but the actual mechanics of putting everything together and crucially opening the doors and getting the public to come in and see our hard work was, Well, it wasn't as straight forward as I first thought.

Showing art, getting it out there from the confines of your mind, from an idea to a tangible thing that is out there in the big world is the whole point isn't it? Well there is always the sheer joy of making things, ultimately though, I think its expressing yourself that drives most artists. So how can you express yourself if you have no one to express yourself to?

Our main problem was that we were an unknown group in an unknown venue that although enjoys a prime central location sits just of the main thoroughfares and there for just outside of most poeples radars. To add to this access to the venue is through some old iron gates and then up some stairs; the public being fickle as they are, it proved hard to lure them inside.

There were problems of access, publicity, of making sure there are enough people to invigilate and reminding them when there shifts are. These problems were confronted in an ad hock and unprepared way, this lead to some of us working at four in the morning making a program and cutting out huge gold arrows to point the way, which we then stuck up around the building.

Often it is only when you realise that there is lots to do and it has to be done right now that it actually gets done. Yet I find that if your determined and passionate about what your doing then you will find a way. Next time though I would prefer not to work 18 hour days and walk around in a sleep deprived, glazed eyed, dribbling daze.

So in conclusion I recommend being prepared and organised, delegate and give yourself realistic time scales for everything. Saying that if your not so good at these things just run around in a manic rush for a few days and with a bit of luck and determination it will all come together in a magical way. Honestly.