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I am a multi disciplined artist working primarily in a 2d visual format. Here are some things I've done; a little peek at the swirling, ceaseless, ideas maelstrom. If you will.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ahh! More arrrt! Few its hard work this art malarkey.

For instance I started the wheels of motion for this exhibition " One Man Travel Plan" about three years ago when I began planning a travel documentary type thing only with out a film crew or anything, just myself and a camcorder.

After a couple of months planning and deciding on West Africa as the most unusual and unknown place for me to go I set of for five and a half moths of writing, filming, taking photos and sketching. Less a holiday more a creative work trip, a long one.

The show had been a long time in coming, from planing the trip, undertaking it and many hours pouring over photos and sketches since Ive been back. It represents three years of work and I still have to finish writing up my experiences, putting on a bigger more in depth show, there's, there's so much more I could do...

Anyway, the work has been put together ( finally) in some semblance of order for public consumption.Which is good.

I just have to figure out where to go from here?

Here is a map of my trip showing the route and places I visited. I made it out of tissue paper and got really carried away with it (it took ages).

The exhibit starts with the map for orientation and follows the places I visited chronologically.
The pictures follow a wavy course, in part this allowed me to fit in 30 photos, paintings and sketches with out the appearance of clutter and retaining some aesthetic grace. It also symbolises the route of my trip staring as it does near the beginning and finishing, well near the end. It spiralled around the gallery in a really nice way which I cant convey here but it was good trust me.This was a table for comments and to sell prints and cards.The plan is to make the art pay for more trips and projects. This is the dream. I hope it works.