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I am a multi disciplined artist working primarily in a 2d visual format. Here are some things I've done; a little peek at the swirling, ceaseless, ideas maelstrom. If you will.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Seeker

The Seeker

Just like a real landscape its mood changed with the changing light.

The seeker physically, is a landscape made from of books. The landscape is a setting for a character (the seeker) and a vehicle for an idea.The Idea for the piece and the idea for the exhibition of the same name, came about at the same time one evolving alongside the other.

The  idea, the theme, for the exhibition, was revelations. It seemed like an interesting topic so I thought of what it meant to have a revelation, of how revelations are a personal experience and how from an outside perspective they may seem very different. Take that thought further, imagine an alien race looking at humanities greatest moments of revelation. Would they relate to our profound experiences or see our insights as trivial or unimportant?

When people think of revelations they often think of the grand and spectacular or of religious connotations, yet a moment of revelation could be as mundane as "oh so that's where I left that cheese sandwich". Our lives are full of these moments, mundane and prophetic, and there is something extremely funny about this.

So the seeker seeks. Is he looking for that grand and prophetic moment of revelation? Or is he just passing the time? Does he gaze into the sky hoping to see the face of God, or powerful beings from another dimension? Does he seek for something other or to find himself? What if we do some seeking of our own? What will we see? Will we see the same thing...

From words to ideas and stories, from books to hills, from the physical to the philosophical

Seek and you shall find

Oh look a pile of books. Is that? Some kinda landscape... What's this here?

Go on take a look. No, the other side. Climb on the plinth and look through the binoculars.

I cant see anything...Oh, ha ha. Ohh...

What you lookin at?

Just what is is hes looking for what does he see?

I have to say that I got a kick out of watching people stare through the binoculars and see the little guy staring back. They may not have discovered some hither to unrealised aspect of existence or seen the face of God but they were definitely having a little moment of revelation, all their own.
How I grinned.

Book rage aftermath!

1000000 cuts of books,
100 cuts of self,
1000 profanities uttered,
400 books mutilated in the name of art ( they weren't very good books)
and a lot of time.
This is not good for my health.

 Was it all worth it? What was the point? Whats the point in anything?