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I am a multi disciplined artist working primarily in a 2d visual format. Here are some things I've done; a little peek at the swirling, ceaseless, ideas maelstrom. If you will.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ahhh! Too much ranting about politics me thinks!

What the future!?!

Robo dog on full alert.

Ahhh! Too much ranting about politics me thinks! 

I'm gonna get back to basics, namely art; pretty pictures, I will do a series of pictures drawn from memory and try to capture some of the essence of the moment as I have experienced/remembered it rather than work from a photograph or try to be too accurate in the details ( a delusion of truth).

 I've got quite a few exciting memories I want to put to paper; years of squatting travelling an the like may leave you with a damaged constitution and some mental scars but it also leaves you with some great stories!

 For now though here is something completely unrelated to all that; cyberpunk silliness!

I'm working towards some fun future projects with a cyber punk theme and loosening things up a bit by going back to my childhood, SiFi, comic roots.

Fear not, all will be explained in good time.