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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting paid, paying you're way. Part 1

What use are artists? Where would we be without them? Is there any room for fair wages, for a fair contribution to our society?

When I talk about art in the context of society, I am talking about culture, culture is the summation of the art we make, the tangible expression of the multitudes.

Culture is like the litmus paper of a peoples time and place, it tells us about a societies health, interests, where it has come from and hints at where its heading to. As well as showing our attitudes and emotional state culture is also a record of our efforts; like a sketch book of progress where ideas are hashed out and information is ruminated on, ready to progress to the next stage.

Take Leonardo da Vinci, he had a passion for understanding things and explaining them. His visionary output and enquiry was both scientific and artistic in nature. In experimenting and expressing himself he left a huge legacy to art, science and in particular technical drawing. Consider his legacy to the world of technical drawing and then consider that technical drawings underpin and makes possible the creation of almost everything, from the computer you are using now, to our road systems. How can we measure the value in supporting Leonardo in his life so that he could do the things he did? Few of us are as gifted as Leonardo but it bares thinking about these intangible legacies that we add to our culture as a whole.

Next week, 
"lifes not fair" is not a good enough answer!  struggeling with the hard to define; value, in part 2 of, Getting paid, paying you're way.

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